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Welcome to CANstruction 2016

Bayswater West Primary School would like to invite school teams to participate in the 2016 Victorian CANstruction Project, which is a unique philanthropic, artistic, engineering project.  This project enables teams of up to 10 students the opportunity to learn more about Maths and Science principles which are then applied to an artistically engineered design. Student teams from Primary (Grade 5-6) and Secondary Schools (Grade 7-10) work with teachers and mentors from your community to turn full cans of food into amazing works of art.
Feel free to log onto the CANstruction International website to get some canspiration. This high level thinking project provides student teams with a real life opportunity to predict, theorise, plan, design, argue, prioritise, create, construct, prove, justify and evaluate.

School communities are encouraged to help teams to collect at least 500 cans per build. CANstruction designs are first built at your school so that your community can participate in and enjoy the experience and then these designs are rebuilt at Bayswater West Primary School which is located at Phyllis Street Bayswater on Thursday 20th October 2016 on BUILD OFF DAY.

Proudly Supporting Foodbank
Proudly Supporting Foodbank

All food that is collected and used in the project will be donated to Foodbank our charitable partner, to support individuals and families in need.



This year teams will use their creative talents to design and build amazing artworks that explores the theme SCINTILLATING SCIENCE! We encourage our student participants to take the concept in any direction.

DATE – Thursday 20th October 2016 9.30am to 3.00pm

VENUE – The one day competition ‘build off’ will happen at Bayswater West Primary School which is located at Phyllis Street Bayswater.

COST – There will be no registration cost for participating schools in 2016. Our corporate partner GASCO engineering will be supporting the event making it accessible to all schools.

MATERIALS – All teams will need to collect at least 500 cans of food, sticky tape, wire and some engineering and building expertise from your local community.




If your school community is interested in participating in the 2016 Victorian CANstruction project please send an email to   We look forward to providing you and your students with the support you need to participate in this unique engineering event.



If you are new to the concept we would suggest it takes about one to two hours per week for ten weeks to go from concept to delivery.

Step One

Once your school has selected a team of ten students then it is important to assign a supervising teacher who will meet with the group each week to help guide the process.

Please email us at:  by Friday 17th July to register your school to  in the 2016 Victorian CANstruction project.

We look forward to making your school a partner in this amazing learning project.

Step Two

Select a CANstruction team of up to 10 students (Primary Years 5-6 & Secondary Years 7-10) and decide upon a creative concept using our CANstruction Theme SCINTILLATING SCIENCE.

Create a mind map of the concept using software such as Inspiration or FreeMind.

Step Three

Start working on electronic designs of the concept using software such as SketchUp.  At this point mathematics, science, artistic design and teamwork become very important!
Organise a community member such as an engineer, builder, architect or artist to support and mentor your team with their design.
This person will help your students grasp the engineering principles required to build with cans.

Step Four

Begin collecting cans of food and remember you will need at least 500 per team. It is important to think about the colour, shape, size and weight of the cans.
A Free Dress Day where students bring a gold coin and a can is a big winner.

Step Five

In the lead up to the BUILD OFF @ Bayswater West Primary School practice builds are important using cans, sticky tape and wire.
Your team may wish to create a CANimation that shows your work of art evolving from a simple can of food into a sensational structure.

Step Six

  • Engage your school and local community by inviting the media, dignitaries and community members to support the initiative.
    Get ready for a great day of canstructioneering on:

Thursday 20th of October 2016 @ Bayswater West Primary 

Please remember our team will always be at the end of a phone call (03) 9729-3394 or email to support you and your team so come and join us!


  1. Anastasia Vrionis

    I would like to register to participate in the Canconstruction competition please forward any relevantinformation needed.
    Thanks Anastasia

  2. Sam Younes


    My students and I would love to participate! It sounds like an amazing opportunity and a great deal of fun! Please send me any relevant information.

  3. Great news everyone, the 2015 Victorian CANstruction Jr Project will take place at Food Factory Sales In Bayswater 6 High Street in Bayswater on the 14th October 2015. We will have about 16 teams building amazing work of art using nothing more than the humble can of food. Each build will stay up at the store for about a week after the event so that family and friends can come and see what has been achieved. After that time the food will be collected and transported to the Victorian Foodbank so that it can be distributed to families in need across our Great State!

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